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2014-15 OUSD Parent Guide

Your child will have the best opportunity for academic success if there's a strong partnership between you and the school.  Of all the factors that affect student achievement, research shows that parents' expectations and support are among the most influential.  The Parent Guide was developed with that in mind.  At OUSD, we want and need parents to support their children's learning at home, collaborate with teachers and counselors on their children's progress, have meaningful roles in school decisions, and hold us accountable to our commitment to provide a high-caliber education for every child.
Supplement to Page 39 of Oakland Unified School District 2014-15 Parent Guide, Regarding Police Interviews with Students:
This document supplements the section entitled “Police Interview of Students,” which is found at page 39 of the District’s Parent Guide 2014-2015.

On May 28, 2014, the District’s Board enacted new policies – BP 5145.13 and 5145.14 – regarding student contacts with police. If a student is arrested and questioned by school police, in addition to a Miranda warning, the police must tell the student that the student can have a parent present and can wait until his/her parent is present before questioning begins. Additionally, a school official must immediately attempt to contact a parent to get verbal approval to permit any police questioning of the student, unless the child is a suspected victim of child abuse. If the parent requests that the student not be questioned until he/she can be present, the student may not be made available to the police for questioning until a parent is present.

[BP 5145.13; BP 5145.14]


Last Modified on August 26, 2014