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How do I apply for the 2014-15 school year?


For New Students to the District:

New Students are those who have never been enrolled at an OUSD school before.  New Students include those coming from a charter school or private school in Oakland.  To apply now for the 2014-15 School Year, you must bring the following required documents in order to enroll your child:

  • driver's license, California ID card or Valid Passport of the parent/guardian
  • three documents verifying your current Oakland address, including any of the following:
  1. utility bills dated within last 45 days
  2. automobile registration accompanied by automobile insurance
  3. a homeowner's/renter's insurance policy accompanying a lease or rental agreement
  4. a property tax statement
  5. an official letter from a government/social service agency
  • birth certificate is required for age and guardianship verification (other documentation may be required in cases of guardianship such as foster or group home care)
  • student's immunization records
  • student's transcript or most recent report card (for grades 2-12 only)

All documents must be original. No photocopies will be accepted. The District reserves the right to request any additional proof of residency as necessary.

For Returning Students to the District:

Returning Students are those who have been enrolled at an OUSD school before. Students coming from charter schools or private schools within Oakland are considered New Students, not Returning Students. To apply, you must bring the same required documents as listed above.

For Both New and Returning Students to the District:

  • Getting an Application: You can find regular applications at 746 Grand Avenue.
  • Turning in Your Application: You can turn in your application in person, along with the required documents (above), to the Student Assignment Center (746 Grand Avenue).

If you have questions or need help, please call (510) 273-1600 or (510) 434-7780.